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Learning Intention:


To understand what the key things are that keep sports people wanting to be active and to work out how this could help us design activities to keep our community active.



Some of the most active people in Aotearoa New Zealand are our professional sports people. 

  • What do you think they did to stay active when they were at school?

  • If they were designing an activity to help keep your class active, what do you think they would include?

As it happens we asked a few sports people those questions! Click the BIG image to the right and scroll through the various sports people to see what they said. Look for patterns in what they have to say as it will help us as we start to design our activities. 

What the players think


NZ Rugby Player Kendra Cocksedge and NZ Cricket players Sophie Devine and Kane Williamson have made videos talking about youth sport. Watch the videos and listen for the reasons that kept them motivated to stay active when they were younger. Once you have viewed the video then answer the following questions as a class, a group or just by yourself.


  • What experiences do they share in common?

  • What would you say are their two key messages for us?

  • What lessons are there for us as we start to design our own activities?

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