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As New Zealanders get older they also get less active. Our mission is to find ways to help get every body in our community more active.  


Over a two year period Aotearoa New Zealand is hosting the Cricket, Rugby and Football women's world cups. Sport NZ has joined up with NZ Cricket, NZ Rugby and NZ Football to use the events as an inspiration to help get every body more active. And they need our help!  Watch the video to get a feel for what we are about to get involved in. 



We are going to design activities to help get every body active in our community. Before doing this we will research participation in play, active recreation and sport in our class, community and Aotearoa New Zealand. The goal is to be able to answer questions such as why is participation important, what value do people place on participation, how do rates vary across groups, and what is being done to improve participation. The goal is to create posters with this information which we will display at our Tākarokaro Festival at the end of this unit.

Here & There

Does participation vary across the Aotearoa New Zealand? 


Young & Old

What is the difference in the amount of activity people do at different ages. How are some sports changing to keep young people active?

TikTok Rippa 2.jpeg

Girls & Boys

What value to boys ands girls put on  being active? How do their participation rates vary? Why?


Our Class

How active is our class? How active is our community? 


Our next step is to design some activities to help get every body active in our community. Before creating our own activities we are going to get a feel for how teachers and sports go about designing games to keep people active. The goal is to use this information to help us design activities that will we run with our community at our Tākarokaro Festival at the end of this unit.  

How teachers do it

What are some things teachers think of when they design activities to get their class moving? 


What do the professionals think?

How did sports people stay active when they were young? What do they think is important to keep young people active?


How sport clubs do it

Let's visit a sport club and find out what they consider when they design activities to get their players moving? 


Time to design

Let's take what we have learnt and use it to design some activities for our class and community


Now we have designed our activities it is time to test them. First thing we need to do is to check that they work! Once we have fixed any of the problems with our activities we can see what impact they have on our bodies and on our wellbeing. The goal is to is have a series of posters we can share with our community at our Tākarokaro Festival at the end of this unit.

Does it work?

Now that we have come out with our activity ideas we had better check that they work!


What impact does our activity have?

What is the impact of our activities on our bodies and wellbeing? 



Analyse your findings and create a brief report

Present your results

Create a posters to summarise your activity.

Arrow Down
Finding out
Designing activities
Testing activities
Take action


We're going to celebrate our learning by organising our Tākarokaro festival. We're going to hold it one evening at a local sports club. We'll invite our whānau along and we will show them the results of our research. We'll also get them to participate in the activities we have designed. And to close it all off we will have a shared kai. There are a lot of jobs for us to do from marketing, to running activities, to setting up displays of our research, to organising the kai. Time to get busy!

One of the things to do at the Tākarokaro festival is to take a vote amongst our community of what their favourite activity is.


Once we know what that is we will make a video of the activity and upload it to the Tākarokaro gallery so that other schools and kura around Aotearoa New Zealand can try it out.   


But wait there is more! Check out these resources from the team who ran the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Download the booklets, research the herstory of women's rugby, then design a Rugby Jersey and upload it to the Tākarokaro Gallery. 

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