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Your team’s job is to make sure the activities at the festival will go ahead smoothly.


  • List all the activities the class agrees to run at the festival.

  • Write instructions on how participants will do the activity. 

  • Organise all the equipment that will be needed to complete the activities. 

Activities Team
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Your team’s responsibility is to organise the food and drinks at the festival. Be careful to make sure there is enough for everyone and that you make healthy choices on the menu!


  • Find out from your teacher if the class will bring shared dishes from home or if the festival will be catered by the rugby club.

  • Create a menu of healthy foods, with enough to feed the whole festival including the class and their families.

  • If the ākonga are bringing shared dishes from home:

    • Food items including kai, beverages, plates & cutlery, serviettes, and other necessities need to be assigned to each student in the class as their responsibility to bring to the festival.

  • If the rugby club has decided to cater the event:

    • Provide them with a menu of healthy foods that they will provide. 

Catering Team
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You team’s responsibility is to make sure the participants and their families know the date, time, and what is on offer at the Tākarokaro festival.


  • Make sure you know what your promoting! Establish what activities will be run with the activities team; what food is on offer with the catering team; and find out the details around the location, time, and dates with your teacher.

  • Once you know what the Tākarokaro festival will consist of, come up with a plan to let people know about it. This is your chance to be creative! It may be as simple as creating some posters to hang in the school or classroom but could be any way you’d like to send the message to your targeted audience. For example, an email send-out to the parents, a TikTok announcement, etc. Think about how you can attract the attention of your class and their families to want to attend the Tākarokaro Festival.

Marketing Team
Presentation Team
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Your team’s responsibility is to educate the community about the results of the class' research. 


  • You will need to decide:

    • What specific information you would like to share.

    • How to share that information in an interesting and factual way.

    • How to engage the audience.

    • How to make an important point that your class has designed a way make your community active.

    • Which platform to share it through (PowerPoint, skit, speech, etc).

  • Your team will also need to organise roles (who will be the primary speaker, who will write the script, make the presentation pieces, organise the information, etc.)

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