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Learning Intention:


To understand what the key things teachers consider when they design activities to get their students moving.



Schools have access to a resource called MoveWell which provides practical ideas, advice and support to help develop children’s confidence, knowledge, skills, and attitudes so that they enjoy participating in physical activity.

In this learning experience we are going to have a look at the MoveWell resource to get a feel for how it structures activities to get children moving. 

Before we start, let's get familiar with the types of games that are included in the MoveWell resource. Click the BIG image on the right and then scroll through descriptions of the different types of game included in the MoveWell resource.



The MoveWell resource includes six sets of games. Each game supports the development of a range of skills. Let's have a look at some of the games and work out what skills they are developing. As small groups choose one or more of the six types of games below. Download the document which has a description of how to play the game along with a set of skills that it may be developing. Set up the game and give it a go. When you have finished reflect back on the game and work out what skills it helped you develop. 

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