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Learning Intention:


To understand understand how active our class and our community is.



We are going to spend a bit of time looking at trends in participation for our class and for our community. 

  • How active do you think our class will be?

  • How active do you think our community will be?

  • Why do you think this?


Before we start let's have a look at how Sport NZ summarises information from it's Active NZ survey. When looking at these slides think about how we might summarise our own data once we have collected it. 

Step 1: Run a class survey and a community survey


There are two surveys that we will use. One survey is to gather information from our class and the other is to gather information from our community. There are two online survey forms to collect this information. We'll complete the survey of our class during class time. Then it will be over to you to ask your parents and caregivers to complete the community survey. 


(Note for teachers: If not already set up you will need to register to get your class and community survey forms set up.) 

Step 2: Make a presentation of our results


Once we have our data it will be time to get creative. Later on we will hold a Tākarokaro festival. During the festival we will have a display of the results of our surveys and our general research into participation rates.


We need to make a series of posters which show what we have found out. We've seen how Sport NZ does it with the Active NZ survey. Now let's take our data and make some posters to display the results of our surveys at our Tākarokaro festival. 



You may print out the Class Survey through the below PDF.

You may print out the Community Survey through the below PDF.

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